About Tlaczenka

Marie Krajplová, Jaroslav Hrdlička, Sáva Spirova, Marcela Drobná

Animated documentary series

Sam tries to find love beyond the border. Jimram Tlaczenka desires a panda. The Minister of Finance desires power. Basil Tlaczenka becomes the fourth ChiChi Bitch. Ban She heads the crusade against the Constitutional Court. A.C.E. develops a new revolutionary clothing brand, and the country’s Prime Minister introduces the Minister of Love. The orbies Eggyolk and Eggwhite fall head over heels to evade the mandatory member amputation. Stella Tlaczenka reminisces about her grandfather. The Wheel of Fate starts turning and the blood receptacle has been prepared. The Republic’s ambassadors make their mark on world politics. Fetish, nudity, vulgarity, Sodom and Gomorrah. The scales are tipped by the Constitution.